Ideally, Pilates should be practiced several times per week through a variety of lesson formats. Village Pilates Studio strives towards making this ideal convenient and affordable, with the assurance that the quality and true essence of Pilates remains. Private lessons are encouraged, particularly as an introduction into the method, yet after a few lessons clients are free to experience greater personal autonomy and group energy in semi-private equipment classes and specialized mat classes. Appropriate skill level will be adhered to so that clients feel comfortable and safe and also challenged and forward moving.

Class Description

"I've always found exercise boring, but working with Regan Hoerster I felt long dormant parts of my body awakening and felt energy flowing through muscles I didn't even know I had. After a few sessions my entire body felt awake. Her training is addictive, which is not something I ever thought I'd say about working out!"
-Robert Puccinelli

Each class format is designed specifically for the person or people involved, with careful attention to individual skill level.


The most specialized and effective way to approach the method and to understand your own unique needs. Use as an introduction into Pilates as well as a periodic tune-up or a chance to delve further towards your health ideal.

Semi-Private or Duet Class

Bring a pal or a few. Limited to four participants, this class is designed specifically for your group, with technical guidance yet the freedom to move and explore your own autonomy.

Mat Class

An energetic and inspiring way to work on breath coordination, flowing and rhythmic movement, and core awareness. Mat work, the culmination and root of the method, is designed to create and demonstrate an autonomously moving and responsive body. Enjoy your own luxurious mat with all the bells and whistles in a non-competitive group atmosphere. Limited to 8-10 participants.

Reformer Class

Paced and designed to move fluidly and sequentially, a reformer class will guide the body towards uniform usage and development, ideal alignment, and decompressed and elongated musculature. A solid way to learn the method, get acquainted on the equipment, and work within the energy of a group. Limited to 4 participants.

Pole Class

vps regan pole

Ease into amazing movement potential with the support of spring tension. A pole class will instill a sense of connection and length within the body, creating a dynamic link between the responsiveness of your core to the sculpting of your limbs. Limited to 5 participants.

Low Chair Class

A powerful and versatile apparatus, the low chair is perfect for texturizing the muscles from the inside out. Feel gathered, connected through your core, strong and movable in your limbs, and dynamically aligned. To achieve the most healthy and balanced body, one should become well-versed in all the various lesson formats, but beware, you may become biased to this class! It's fun, challenging, and mentally and physically invigorating! Limited to 4 participants.

Around the World

The most well-rounded class, working on all the apparatus!  This class moves quickly, so students should be well-versed in the Method before joining.  Ask your instructor if you're ready.  Limited to 8 participants.

Barre Class

This workout combines the muscle-shaping and posture-enhancing principles of Pilates with the fat-burning format of interval training that results in sculpted, yet elongated muscles, improved posture, and provides a vigorous springboard for your other Pilates classes.

Pilates for Men

Due to expressed interest, VPS is now offering Pilates for Men!  Pilates was developed by a man, Joseph Pilates, and was taught as a strict conditioning regime to the German army during WWI.  This full-body exercise program was developed to create a sound body in a sound mind and id perfect for both injury prevention and rehabilitation.  Pilates will improve your golf swing, improve your form in the weight room, sculpt your abs and loosen tight shoulders and hips.  Although men are welcome in all of our classes, this special class is for men only and is designed with men's specific needs in mind. Classes are offered on Mondays at 8:00pm.